Linking with Compiler Run-time Libraries

Dynamically link libiomp5 or tbb library even if you link other libraries statically.

Linking to the libiomp5 statically can be problematic because the more complex your operating environment or application, the more likely redundant copies of the library are included. This may result in performance issues (oversubscription of threads) and even incorrect results.

To link libiomp5 or tbb dynamically, be sure the PATH environment variable is defined correctly.

Sometimes you may improve performance of your application with threaded Intel MKL by using the /MT compiler option. The compiler driver will pass the option to the linker and the latter will load multi-thread (MT) static run-time libraries.

However, to link a Vector Mathematics (VM) application that uses the errno variable for error reporting, compile and link your code using the option that depends on the linking model:

  • /MT for linking with static Intel MKL libraries

  • /MD for linking with dynamic Intel MKL libraries

For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.
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