Intel® Modern Code

Intel® Modern Code

Drive faster breakthroughs through faster code: Get more results on your hardware today and carry your code forward to the future.

Multi-level parallelism is a framework that uses all of the parallel performance features available on modern hardware via vectorization, multi-threading, and multi-node optimizations. Explore how to deliver multi-level parallel algorithms that effectively scale forward for today’s and tomorrow’s hardware.

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Upcoming Events

Code Modernization Workshop in Dublin, Ireland (Workshop)

Dublin, Ireland
Feb 10, 2016

Workshop em Programação Paralela e Otimização de Software (Workshop)

Campinas, Brazil
Mar 14 - Mar 15

Enterprise HPC Conference (Conference)

San Diego, United States
Mar 20, 2016

ISC High Performance (Conference)

Frankfurt, Germany
Jun 19 - Jun 23

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