The Intel® MPI Library Developer Guide explains how to use the Intel® MPI Library in some common usage scenarios. It provides information regarding compiling, running, debugging, tuning, and analyzing MPI applications, as well as troubleshooting information.

This Developer Guide helps a user familiar with the message passing interface start using the Intel® MPI Library. For full information, see the Intel® MPI Library Developer Reference.

Document Organization



Section 1. Introduction

Introduces this document and Intel® MPI Library.

Section 2. Installation and Prerequisites

Describes the installation process and lists the prerequisite steps required to start working with the Intel MPI Library.

Section 3. Compiling and Linking

Gives instructions about how to compile and link MPI applications with the Intel MPI Library.

Section 4. Running Applications

Describes the steps for running MPI applications in different modes.

Section 5. Debugging

Explains how to start an application under a debugger.

Section 6. Analysis and Tuning

Gives instructions on using the built-in statistics gathering mechanisms and other analyzing tools.

Section 7. Troubleshooting

Provides general troubleshooting procedures.

Section 8. Additional Supported Features

Gives information about Multiple Endpoints support and Asynchronous Progress Control features.

Section 9. Code Examples

Provides code examples.

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