Launches an MPI job and provides integration with job schedulers.


mpirun <options>



mpiexec.hydra options as described in the mpiexec.hydra section. This is the default operation mode.


Use this command to launch an MPI job. The mpirun command uses Hydra as the underlying process manager.

The mpirun command detects if the MPI job is submitted from within a session allocated using a job scheduler like Torque*, PBS Pro*, LSF*, Parallelnavi* NQS*, SLURM*, Univa* Grid Engine*, or LoadLeveler*. The mpirun command extracts the host list from the respective environment and uses these nodes automatically according to the above scheme.

In this case, you do not need to create a host file. Allocate the session using a job scheduler installed on your system, and use the mpirun command inside this session to run your MPI job.


$ mpirun -n <# of processes> ./myprog

This command invokes the mpiexec.hydra command (Hydra process manager), which launches the myprog executable.

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