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December 2016

Newsletter #137 - View PDF

Scaling to Meet the Growing Needs of AI

Machine learning can vastly expand the reach of computing applications. It is the key enabler for a new cycle of applications triggered by an explosion of digital data and connectivity.

October 2016

Newsletter #135 - View PDF

Analyze Big Data like Never Before

Capitalize on Caffe* and Theano frameworks optimized for Intel® architecture. Participate in expert-led webinars, find how-tos for developing faster applications, and employ instruction for deeper learning.

August 2016

Newsletter #133 - View PDF

Software Innovation Shapes the Future at IDF16

Experience hands-on demos and get inspiration from peers, software innovators, and other industry experts at the Intel Developer Forum 2016. Shorten IoT development time with helpful tips in our Maker Space.

July 2016

Newsletter #132 - View PDF

IDF16: The Future is What You "Make"

Discover how to build the next generation of amazing experiences. Join us for keynotes, demos, and expert-led sessions. Connect with other trailblazers at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, August 16–18.

March 2016

Newsletter #128 - View PDF

Intel® Developer Zone Presents: GDC 2016

Experience the latest in games, tools, and technology on Intel® processor-powered devices. Engage with industry partners and experts, attend talks, and learn about Intel’s Achievement Unlocked game developer program.