Intel® HPC Developer Conference 2017


Dear MKL Forum Users, join us at Intel® HPC Developer Conference in Denver, Colorado during November 11-12, 2017.  This free technical training is open to the public and will feature industry luminaries sharing best practice and techniques for maximizing efficiency and getting the benefits from Intel architecture. Attendees have the option of attending technical sessions, hands-on tutorials and poster sessions that cover parallel programming, high productivity languages, artificial intelligence, systems, enterprise, visualization development and more.     

[Beijing, PRC] Intel and Zealcomm will co-present a technical session at the upcoming LiveVideoStackCon event


Intel and Zealcomm will co-present a technical session titled "Build Highly Efficient and Scalable RTC Services Based on Intel® CS for WebRTC” at the upcoming LiveVideoStackCon event October 20-21 in Beijing. In this session, Intel will discuss the principles of building a WebRTC-based communications platform, covering key issues such as intelligent stream routing, media processing and acceleration via Intel GEN graphics, client protocol connectivity, distributed cluster scheduling, auto scaling, and high availability.

Announcing new tool -- Intel® Math Kernel Library LAPACK Function Finding Advisor


The Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL) LAPACK domain contains a huge variety of routines. Now, a new tool is provided with a faster method of finding appropriate LAPACK functions in Intel® Math Kernel Library Developer Reference document. This tool would be very useful for Intel® MKL newbies and for users not familiar with LAPACK function naming conventions. By using this tool, users can specify functionality as parameters in drop down lists, descriptions of all functions satisfying the requirements will be shown through this tool. 

Intel® Collaboration Suite for WebRTC v3.4 Update 1 Release Announcement



I am pleased to announce the patch release of the Intel® Collaboration Suite for WebRTC Version 3.4 Update 1.  The release and user documentation are freely available to download from the Intel® Developer Zone site at

This is a patch release and it contains no new features. Refer to the Release Notes of v3.4 for a complete list of new features.  The following list highlights the fixes in this patch release:

System Usage FAQ


wget (or other HTTP-based tools) doesn't work

Port 80 has been blocked both inbound and outbound on this network. Use scp to transfer files to/from the system, keeping in mind that Intel information and binaries remain under the terms of your NDA.

Welcome to the Configurable Spatial Accelerator forum


This forum is available for any topics related to the CSA, including compilation and simulation, the architecture, other tools, etc.  While this forum is not currently public, it may be used by multiple groups, so please consider that if you post information about things you are working on.

We encourage you to use this forum for communication, given it provides both a mechanism for you to get information, as well as allowing others to benefit by seeing responses.

-- The CSA team


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