Download Adobe* Premiere® Pro/Premiere® Elements Encoder plug-in using Intel® Media SDK and Intel® Quick Sync Video Technology

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Installation and Setup

  • Adobe® Premiere® Elements 8 or 9
    1. Download the 32 bit plug-in binary for your Elements product (8 or 9)
    2. Download the encoder preset file
    3. Create a folder named "OTHERS" in <PRE installation folder>\sharingcenter\Presets\pc\
    4. Create a sub-folder named “Intel” in the OTHERS folder you just created
    5. Place the downloaded preset file (<name>.epr) in the “Intel” folder
      Final path of preset file should look like:
      <PRE installation folder>\sharingcenter\Presets\pc\OTHERS\Intel\<name>.epr
    6. Copy the plug-in binary file (<name>.prm) to Adobe® Premiere® Elements plug-in folder
      <PRE installation folder>\Plug-ins\Common\
  • Adobe® Premiere® Pro CS4 or CS5
    1. Download the plug-in binary for your Pro product (CS4 or CS5)
      • If using 32 bit CS4 then use the "32 bit plug-in for CS4 and PRE8" binary
      • If using 64 bit CS4 then use the "64 bit plug-in for CS4 and PRE8" binary
      • If using CS5 then use the "64 bit plug-in for CS5 and PRE9" binary
    2. Copy the plug-in binary file (<name>.prm) to the Adobe® Premiere® Pro plug-in folder
      <PPro installation folder>\Plug-ins\Common\
    3. Copy the plug-in binary file (<name>.prm) to the Adobe® Media Encoder plug-in folder
      <Media Encoder installation folder>\Plug-ins\Common\
      (Adobe Media Encoder is used as batch encoder in CS5)

Downloads (updated January 18th)

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's picture

I tried using the 64bit Premiere CS5 plugin for Premiere CS6 and it sort-of works. It is accelerating and it renders video, but audio does not work. You can hear the audio only in Windows Media Player, but not in VLC or on YouTube. Is there going to be an update/fix for CS6?

Leo's picture

The links are all dead, can they please be updated? I'd really like to have "".

Petter Larsson (Intel)'s picture

Hi Leo,

I have reported the issue to the Web team. The issue should be resolved shortly. Thanks for letting us know.

A heads-up regarding this plug-in prototype. This project is now several years old and there is no active development or validation of the plug-in. Any issues you may encounter will likely not be addressed.