Stop Developing Code from Scratch webinar slides

Webinar slides - There is a better way to develop code for images than writing it from scratch. Now, using new Intel® Parallel Studio products, developers can efficiently transform image processing for improved productivity and performance. Integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio* for C/C++, Intel® Parallel Composer, Intel® Parallel Amplifier, and Intel® Parallel Inspector enable developers to implement and optimize images with parallelism. Parallel development techniques, such as harmonization or Sobel filters in Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (IPP), and OpenMP* at the primitive function level, will be used to demonstrate how to enhance image processing for multicore. Starting at a high level with a non-threaded application, Parallel Amplifier will locate hotspots within the application. As threads are added at a higher level with OpenMP, Parallel Inspector quickly finds and fixes threading errors. Implementing parallelism using Parallel Studio provides forward-scaling, saving developers from rewriting code with each new processor innovation.

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