The wait is over ! Winners are announced.

The wait is over ! Winners are announced.

The list is here :!If a submissions is not in the 45st, it's because it fails on comparing a <2ko sequence against a 23Mo small chromosome file in less than a minute : It can be a bit too slow, or try to allocate too much memory as the sample program.But some of these submissions among the first of the list just segfault or output sometimes wrong results, even if they are quite good otherwise, so even if everyone cannot win at the same time and we had to rank the submissions, congratulations to everyone who worked for that contest !

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! Congradulations !



I am impatient to observe how the code from the best participants works. I suppose there is a world between the code we have written and the code written by INSA team or some code written by Russian participant.

Thanks everyone for that very good time on the forum during the contest.

Xavier, do you know when blog posts will be published ?
Maybe I should translate my post to english ?


Xavier, can you tell us the total number of submissions for EMEA? Just so we can get the bigger picture of the ranking.

Congratulation everyone :)We just can't believe the results an we are so happy :)

Like said Fabien, thanks everyone, we are really happy to this results, our best one :). We just can't believe this and I want to say special thanks to this forum for code sharing during the contest and few precious advices and of course the Intel Team, always here to answer our questions (Xavier, Paul, Anthony thanks!!!).
Now, I'm really pressed to read your source code/readme and share ours with the community.
Thanks again and congrats everyone !!!

Thanks for the results, and congratulations to the winners!

Even if my rank is 24, I am impress to see that a single line of openmp code can give good results.

How many people have participated to this edition of the contest?


I didnt get any mail from You, is it right ?
Whom should I give my adress, noone answers, thanks for help!

Congratulations for the winners

Our article has been published. You can see it now on : can also download the source code at the same address :)

Awesome!How did you create the beautiful diagrams?

Thanks, we did it with powerpoint :)I was also wondering, is it normal that we had no news from Intel since the results ?(I don't know why but I've lost my brown belt since the article has been published ^^)

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