After the deadline

After the deadline

I'm wondering how long we will have access to the benchmark service *after the deadline*
First of all, I am NOT trying to change the submitted code afterwards or to cheat in any way.

But since the last benchmark has been added (and due to our poor results with it) I started to code another algorithm. I'd like to know if I'll ever get the chance to compare it with other solutions on a 40cores machine after the contest is over ?

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can somebody from intel please answer to this thread?I'm participating in this competition as a college work, and also would like to test further improvements after the end of the competition.Or at least somebody could give us some information on the benchmarks, now that the competition is over. Like, how those tests were made or which flags were used in order to have that vectorization report or how was the time measure and which kind of tests to make(how big should them be).

I'm pretty sure we will have those answers but actually, the contest is still open for almost 2 hours :)


I agree, it would be great to have the benchmarks available for a bit more time. Our team is unfortunately too late for the contest, but we'd still like to test our solution on more than a dual core laptop!

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