intel inspector xe

intel inspector xe

Hello!I try to use theintel inspector xe on ubuntu 10.10 and ubuntu 12.04 but it don't works.i have this error code when i try an analysis:Used suppression file(s): []
Error: Cannot find knob stack-deph. Use -knob-list to see available knobs.Do you have any problem to use it with theses OS?

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I'm on mint and it runs perfectly.

Mint Isadora here (based on Ubuntu 10.04) and everything looks fine.
Basic installation of Parallel Studio, I didn't need to do anything else.

I even got the V-Tune capture drivers working if anyone is interested.

PS: Yey for Mint Cedric ;)

i have found the solution the last weekend, i have buid and install driver in the intel folder, and in a second time, i run the inspector xe with root privileges.thanks

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