Accelerate Your Code 2012: contestants map

Accelerate Your Code 2012: contestants map

It would be cool to create map of contestants and even get in touch with collegues. So we can submit some of our basic info like country, faculty, field of interest?For meCroatiaUniversity of Zagreb, Department of MathematicsField of interest: Parallel algorithms, MPI/openMP, virtual reality, assistive technology

Marijan Juresic
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That's a great idea! Can you add your location to the official Accelerate Your Code 2012 participants map?I'll post this link on the Russian and English forums and we will be able to see all the participants on the one map!

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You said you will post this to English forum, but isn't this english forum for ayc2012?

Marijan Juresic

No, this is the french forum (even if it's doesn't look like). The english forum is here:

Then I think the link to the forum on the main page is wrong. If I click on the little British flag and then on Forum, I end up here.

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