I need information about Intel Xeon microprocessor

I need information about Intel Xeon microprocessor

Hello , in few days ago I wrote a thread that I need a report about Intel Xeon microprocessor , I got a little answer that are good but they are not enough for me .. My professor wants a detailed information about intel xeon , it not necassry for him , because its not us subject , but its very necessary for me to make a good memory about me to my professor , the report (or information) must considered with the following :
-General background
-Microprocessor architecture
-A front side bus(FSB)
-An instruction set , or instruction set architecture (ISA)
-max cpu clock rate

Please help me quickly .. please .
I'm sorry to repeat the theard because I'm so compelled to that ..

Thank you very much

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You can refer to the following links.

Hi narendhar ,
I have your links previously , they don't help me actually , because they considered on a different thing,
Just I want the specified information , they should be about 10 pages only or a little more (15 pages at maximum and 7 pages at minimum ) ..

I cannot speak for your professor, but I guess that it should be part of the learning experience that you become familiar with the subject and then compile a report yourself. If this is true, he/she might not be happy if you turn in a report that was written by someone else.

People in these discussion forum are generally very helpful in answering questions. If you have trouble understanding any of the technologies, I encourage you to point out where you struggle and where you need more or different information.

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