Is this the right tool for the job?

Is this the right tool for the job?

I'm new at networking and I want to start making my own network wires/cables for my office. I ordered this crimping tool from (crimper should be here in a few days) and I wanted to learn if there are any other kinds of network cat5 wire crimping tools out there that would work better? is the location for the crimp plires on thier website, those are the ones that I bought. Funny that it says Germany on the handle of the plires but I would gues they are made in China since the company I bought them from is in China. If you know of a name of a certin cat 5 wire crimper that would be better for me to use then please post it here. Thank you :)

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Dear submitter,

I am afraid this forum is focussed on development tools (compilers, debuggers, performance analyzers, performance primitives, libraries) for the Intel Atom Processor. Thus we are probably unable toansweryour question concerning crimping tools for network cables.

Thanks, Rob

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