Intel Management Engine Password Reset

Intel Management Engine Password Reset

How do you reset the password for the Intel Management Engine BIOS if you have forgotten the password?

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In order to reset the password of ME BIOS, please disconnect the power cord and LAN cable. Remove the CMOS battery for 15 secs and insert it back in. This time when you power on, ME settings will revert to factory defaults. The default user name and password is admin/admin. Please remember to change it to a strong password before configuring the ME further. Please let us know if you have further questions.


Hi Ajith,

Does this approach work for the EFI BIOS AMT machiens? I checked it on my AMT 3.0 machine, and it does not work. Any workaround on EFI BIOS AMT machine?



Hi - I have a system in my lab that has the EFI bios and I had to find the J25 jumper and move it to maintainance mode in order to access a maintainence utility to then be able to clear the password. I blogged the steps here so you can refer to my blog for more detail.

Let us know if this works for you.

Hi Holmes,

We prove it works.

Thanks a lot!


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