Converting iOS apps to Android/BB/etc

Converting iOS apps to Android/BB/etc

I was wondering if it is possible to convert iOS apps into apps for other mobile operating systems as I have developed numerous iOS and Android apps an know that Android apps can be converted to other OS but what about apple apps are they backwords compatible.

However, apple apps are coded with C+ and android apps are mainly with Java.

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Perhaps if you use phonegap. Do you know it?


yes phone gap is one answer, if you have developed apps to run on various platforms or a cross platform app your app will run on ios, android, windows etc. A good example is angry birds, temple run, apps they run on various platforms including pc.

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You can also try to use Titanium... (same PhoneGab's concept but more rich in terms of API) !

Good luck!

appportable now has an Objective-C compiler for Android.  You'll still need to re-write your UI code but you should be able to re-use most-all of your core logic.

I haven't used it personally but I had a long talk with one of their reps and they've been having a really great success with the platform.

@ Christios,

Porting a app and maintaing compatibility are two different concepts. To port an app the must retain the behaviour of its native OS in target OS. This is achieved with cross-compilers as peoiple have mentioned. But to create a compatible app means to create a Cocoa equivalent code of Java keeping in mind the functionality, or vice versa depending on where you go. Intel offers XDK as an excellent multi OS development toolkit. Have a look at that.


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Read this 

May be helps you

i personally prefer appportable 

If you choose Xamarin you can easily code for android,ios,windows phone with c#. It shares code with these platforms.

mainly with java and c# for ios,android,windows platforms

check this out-

team inivo

It depends on which language you are comfortable and expert in 

Cross platform tools based on your technical expertise

  • C# - Xamarin using Portable Class Libraries (PCL)
  • HTML/Javascript - PhoneGap (Apache Cordova)
  • HTML5-  Intel XDK 
  • NativeScript - Telerik (Coming Soon)

Here are few articles which will help you porting your IOS app to other platforms like Windows Phone and Android 

Porting your app to Windows Phone 8

Porting IOS apps to Android



Vidyasagar MSC,

Try or app inventor.

have an idea of both programming languages

converting apps from different platform is difficult and will require a lot of task of doing a reverse engineering (depends on the app size). You'll end up by rewriting the code from scratch in the new platform.

I think all programming languages have the same classes and methods, it couldn't be hard for coding the same app one more time in different language .... instead of having bugs 


Mohammed S. wrote:

I think all programming languages have the same classes and methods, it couldn't be hard for coding the same app one more time in different language .... instead of having bugs 

I agree with you , it's the same logic


You can try phoneGab, or cordover. But better still there are development platforms  that you can use to write an app and port it to different OS platforms. e.g Xamarin studio.

I am a long time QT user and now it supports mobile devices now. I can developer one app and deploy them to various mobile devices without much modification. but it takes time to learn it.

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