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Intel Omni-Path Webinar - March 31 2015
By Mike Pearce (Intel) Posted on 03/26/15 0
The upcoming next-generation Intel Omni-Path Architecture addresses lessons learned, good and bad, from Intel True Scale Architecture and standard InfiniBand*. In an effort to avoid observed pitfalls, Intel approached the architecture of an HPC fabric from a different perspective. The architectur...
Interview with James Reinders: future of Intel MIC architecture, parallel programming, education
By Mike Pearce (Intel) Posted on 03/25/15 0
During the conversation between James Reinders, the Director and Chief Evangelist at Intel Corporation, and Vadim Karpusenko, Principal HPC Research Engineer at Colfax International, recorded on January 30, 2015 at Colfax International in Sunnyvale, CA, we discussed the future of parallel program...
Advanced Computer Concepts For The (Not So) Common Chef: Terminology Pt 1
By Taylor Kidd (Intel) Posted on 03/24/15 0
Before we start, I will use the next two blogs to clear up some terminology. If you are familiar with these concepts, I give you permission to jump to the next section.  I suggest any software readers still check out the other blog about threads. There is a lot of confusion, even among us softwar...
Robot Cocktails and Underwater Puzzles: Intel® DevTech Mixer at SxSW 2015
By Wendy Boswell (Intel) Posted on 03/24/15 0
SxSW is the largest interactive five day event of emerging technology, networking, and innovative showcases featuring cutting-edge video games, startup ideas, and development projects. At the Moonshine in Austin, Texas, on March 16th from 7:30 PM to 10 PM, several Intel Software Innovators presen...
GNU Terry Pratchett
By Steve Lionel (Intel) Posted on 03/24/15 0
  xkcd This post contains no Fortran. British author Sir Terry Pratchett died March 12, 2015 at age 66, finally succumbing to what he called "The Embuggerance", a rare form of Alzheimer’s disease, posterior cortical atrophy (PCA), which affects the rear portions of the brain. An extensive obit...
Intel® RealSense™ 3D scanning: Vertex Color to UV Map in Blender
By Bob Duffy (Intel) Posted on 03/24/15 2
The most recent SDK for the  Intel®  RealSense™ F200 camera now includes 3D scanning. This is an amazing feature and will allow developers and digital artists to scan in real world objects to use in their projects.  One use case is to scan in a real world object and use in Unity.  This blog post ...
Using Intel® HAXM for Developing Android* Wear and TV Apps
By Ashok Emani (Intel) Posted on 03/23/15 0
Android* has come a long way initially starting with phones, then tablets, Google TV*, Android Wear*, Android TV* (replaces Google TV), and Android Auto*. It can be challenging for developers to build and test their apps to run on all these device types. Add to this different device form factors ...
CGCC Healthy Kids in Motion Hackathon
By Brad Hill (Intel) Posted on 03/21/15 0
In one of our best hackathons yet, 55 students from Chandler-Gilbert Community College met on campus to create games teaching impressionable grade-school kids healthy lifestyle choices and information regarding fitness and wellness.  Those students broke into 10 teams and created the proof-of-c...
Using Intel Edison: Building an IoT Sensor Node
By Tuan Bui (Intel) Posted on 03/20/15 0
In a previous blog post, we’ve built the Mosquitto MQTT broker that we will use as the data interface for our sensor node. In this posting, we will build the physical sensor node first, test it without the internet connectivity to ensure that the sensor node is working. Then we will add in the i...
Check out the Parallel Universe e-publication
By Mike Pearce (Intel) Posted on 03/18/15 0
The Parallel Universe is a quarterly publication devoted to exploring inroads and innovations in the field of software development, from high performance computing to threading hybrid applications. Issue #20 - Cover story: From Knights Corner to Knights Landing: Prepare for the Next Generation o...
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Intel Releases Preproduction Windows 7 Graphics Driver
By Posted on 12/11/08 184
Intel yesterday made available a preproduction Windows 7 WDDM 1.1 Graphics Driver, more information can be found here.
Why Windows Threads Are Better Than POSIX Threads
By Clay Breshears (Intel) Posted on 10/19/06 65
I've used both POSIX threads (Pthreads) and Windows threads APIs, and I believe that Windows has the better programming model of the two. While each threading method can create threads, destroy threads, and coordinate interactions between threads, the reason I make this claim is the simplicity of...
Enabling Wireless Display (WiDi) on Windows 8 RTM
By rradi (Intel) Posted on 10/27/12 44
Hi everyone, Windows 8 has just launched, so Intel just released the new WiDi software v3.5.40.0 to support Windows 8. Therefore, in order to enable WiDi officially on your Windows 8 device, follow the steps below: 1. Download the latest graphics driver for your Intel HD graphics from the followi...
Volatile: Almost Useless for Multi-Threaded Programming
By Arch D. Robison (Intel) Posted on 11/30/07 43
There is a widespread notion that the keyword volatile is good for multi-threaded programming. I've seen interfaces with volatile qualifiers justified as "it might be used for multi-threaded programming". I thought was useful until the last few weeks, when it finally dawned on me (or if you prefe...
Windows Server 2008 "Aero Enabled" Workstation Edition
By Posted on 02/12/08 41
Last week Dell shipped me a new Vostro 1700 notebook which I promptly upgraded from Windows Vista Business edition to Windows Server 2008. In this blog post I'll show you how to setup Windows Server 2008 in a Workstation configuration.Windows Server 2008 installed without an issue although I coul...
Traversing concurrent_hash_map concurrently
By Anton Malakhov (Intel) Posted on 05/14/10 32
People keep asking how to traverse tbb::concurrent_hash_map concurrently with other operations. But it wouldn’t be worth the blog if there was not any problem. The Reference clearly states that: Concurrent operations (count, find, insert, and erase) invalidate any existing iterators that point i...
Enabling Wireless Display (WiDi) on Windows 8 Consumer Preview
By rradi (Intel) Posted on 05/29/12 30
Chances are that if you have upgraded your Wireless Display (WiDi) capable laptop or tablet (with the specs mentioned here) from Windows 7 to Windows 8 Consumer Preview, then you probably stopped being able to enjoy WiDi. The official support for WiDi on Windows 8 will come with the Intel WiDi so...
Flaws of Object Oriented Modeling
By Asaf Shelly Posted on 08/22/08 28
At the beginning of the computer era the system designers came from the world of hardware and it is noticeable. In hardware there are many working elements that can operate in parallel and most times at different rates of operation. This requires hi degree of accuracy in system timing. Chip desig...
Knights Corner micro-architecture support
By James Reinders (Intel) Posted on 06/05/12 26
How does a high performance SMP on-a-chip sound to you?  I can now share, for the first time, key details about our vision for Knights Corner (the aforementioned high performance SMP on-a-chip), and our thinking behind the software architecture and features.   There is a lot to cover here so I’ll...
Intel technologies game: IT Manager 3: Unseen Forces
By Shmuel Gershon (Intel) Posted on 02/27/09 26
So... Are you a skilled IT Manager? Or, did you ever wondered if you're fit to the job?Intel has released a new game: IT Manager 3: Unseen Forces. It is a promotional game, sure, but a very cool one. From the user guide: In IT Manager 3: Unseen Forces, you play the IT manager of a small company...

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