AppUp SDK for MeeGo

AppUp SDK for MeeGo

I think i miss something, but why no AppUp SDK for MeeGo? I mean not for MeeGo SDK for Windows, but for MeeGo platform? I want to develop on device and have no idea on how to integrate AppUp SDK to my app. A have tired to integrate AppUp with old SDK for Maemo, but it's not working.
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I see it on the SDK download page:

"Download Intel AppUpSM Beta SDK for MeeGo* "

Yes, and is see, but link under "Download Intel AppUpSM Beta SDK for MeeGo*" is follows to the MSI package for Windows MeeGo SDK :)

I need a RPM package with libraries, headers included, to install on MeeGo.

Meego SDK for Meego is not available yet. Its ironic but it is so. We are also waiting for Meego SDK for Meego OS itself, so that we can do everything on Meego workstations.

Hi! does it means that if I try to submit my meego aplication ,I need develop on windows environment since AppUp sdk only has windows version now ?
I can't find AppUp SDK for linux or meego...


Yes as of now AppUp SDK is only available for windows. You can do development on linux but for integrating AppUp SDK you will need to use windows finally. That's what we did.



Sachin, Thanks for the information.

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