Nokia goes Windows Phone 7. Is there any future for MeeGo?

Nokia goes Windows Phone 7. Is there any future for MeeGo?

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Of course there is, a lot of future. Nokia is not the only one that is behind MeeGo, so it doesn't depend only on one company. And even Nokia didn't say they will completely stop working on MeeGo. MeeGo is also clearly more advanced tecnhically than WP7 and even more importatntly it is completely free (as in freedom and also no-cost) and open source. And I also like that official development tools for MeeGo are based on C++ and Qt which is an awesome development platform, much nicer than anything else I have worked with so far, well except maybe PyQt :)

it don't means the end of meego. there're too many choice for meego not only on handhelds but also on tablet,windows and other os.
Meego's develope kit is more advanced than WP. I believe nokia+MS will not be a long-term ally

This report seems to indicate that Nokia has "abandoned" Meego. Also with Stephen Elop (former exec from Microsoft) as CEO of Nokia, he wants to bring in focus on a single operating system so that Nokia can "regain some of the lost marketshare".

It appears unlikely that Nokia will step back from Stephen's decision. That said, now Meego has a "home" with Intel. Which may end up being a good thing.

please make this clearer :

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