newbie: is it possible to learn qt without being a programmer?

newbie: is it possible to learn qt without being a programmer?

I'm trying to decide how much is involved with my learning qt. The only things I know are html and CSS. I'm trying to get a sense of what is involved in the learning curve. I don't really want to take years to learn the art of programming C. I want to build simple non-video semi educational apps for 2d visual artists. This is the first time I've visited this forum. Thanks!-Kate
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Well, I'd say everything is possible, depends on just how much time and commitment a person invests into it. Gaining some basic programming knowledge is not as hard as people think, but it also depend on each person. Some are just not born to be coders and some are just not born for something else. Anyways. I'd say that for your case it would be easier to learn Qt Quick sine it is a bit similar to CSS and HTML way of working, especially since you can also use some JavaScript code to create basic logic for the apps. Try to follow some Qt Quick tutorials and see how well it works for you:

Qt is a framework of C++. So it very important to know C++ before you jump into QT.

One of the standard tools that comes with the MeeGo SDK for Windows is Qt Designer. This is a visual program building tool that will let you drag and drop components to create an application.

However, the more you know about C++ the better off you will be using Qt.

I just spoke with the Alan Ezust, the author of the Design Patterns in C++ with Qt4 and he's posted a second edition of his book online at
username: ics
password: qt4me

This book doesn't assume that you know C++. Instead, it goes over what you need to know to work with Qt.

He's given permission to share this link.

If you manage to learn Qt you will become a programmer :)

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