Authorization issue

Authorization issue

Hello All, I had an authorization problem with my java application. when i use Debug GUID(0x11111111,0x11111111,0x11111111,0x11111111) it is showing authorized. but when i use my real GUID(0x12AF696F,0x6CE34E03,0x9265F1B2,0xD94F0EF0) is is not authorized.. here am giving you the sample code. please help me to solve this issue. public class TicTacToeGame extends Application { public TicTacToeGame(ApplicationId id) throws InitializationException, UnauthorizedException, AdpRuntimeException { super(id); } public static void main(String[] args) { TicTacToeGame tictactoe = null; try { tictactoe = new TicTacToeGame(new ApplicationId(0x12AF696F,0x6CE34E03,0x9265F1B2,0xD94F0EF0)); } catch (InitializationException e) { e.printStackTrace(); } catch (UnauthorizedException e) { e.printStackTrace(); } catch (AdpRuntimeException e) { e.printStackTrace(); } // TODO CODE if(tictactoe != null) tictactoe.dispose(); } }
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This should work.

{ tictactoe = new,0x6CE34E03,0x9265F1B2,0xD94F0EF0));}

catch (...)

Note, your Application ID will not authorize in the debugger...only in the client software.


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