Debug on ExoPC with Meego

Debug on ExoPC with Meego

Hello, I've got the ExoPC with Meego on the last Intel event in Munich (thanks to Intel for that ;-) ) and wanted to try to debug a Meego app with this ExoPC now. But how can I connect the ExoPC to my developer PC? I guess I would have to use the dock connector at the bottom of the ExoPC for the connection, but there was no cable in the package for that. So where do I get such a cable or is there a different way to connect the ExoPC tablett to my desktop PC? Best regards and thanks in advance Andreas
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You may try to SSH into the ExoPC from your desktop system. I know many developers who use this method. This is a basic process which I have not validated, but it may give you an idea where to start. Good Luck :)

1. Make sure sshd has been started.
/etc/init.d/sshd start
2. Create an empty shadow file. Without the shadow file, adduser will fail.
touch /etc/shadow
3. Add a user for ssh access.
4. Set user's password

Hello Ron,

thanks for this tip:
I'll try that.

Best regards

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