Shared libraries

Shared libraries

Have no idea why, but on clean MeeGo system (with Qt installed) i can't locate these libraries and this because my app couldn't be deployed on clean system. As i understand i should include these libs to my rpm. But i can't find any info about paths for shared libraries inside this topic Should i use /usr/lib/ path or app folder path /opt/com.intelloware.... ?
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The MeeGo API (all the mentioned libraries included) is shipped with MeeGo O/S by default. Since you do not mention the version of MeeGo OS, I cannot say for sure. However, I have a ExoPC with MeeGo Tablet 1.2 Preview version installed. All the mentioned libraries exist in /usr/lib directory. You should use /usr/lib directory to prevent mismatch when you use the appropriate MeeGo SDK to develop your application.

Thank you for reply!

I have Lenovo S2-10 with MeeGo preinstalled and there is no libraries mentioned above. But already installed on my netbook with MeeGo installed by myself.

Is there any chance for app to be not installed if these libraries already presented on the target MeeGo installation inside the /usr/lib directory?

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