Qt Creator target platform

Qt Creator target platform

Hi! I trying to create one project file to build app for several platforms (win, meego, maemo). How to detect meego inside a PRO file? I have try unix:!symbian { meego5 { ... } } but with no success. Any other ways to do that?
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This sounds interesting Dmitry and I thought I heard this was possible. I'll ask our TME's see if they know anyone doing this.

Thank you for reply!

For now i'm just use different project files, but this is not so elegant way.

Just a thought, could you have two projects that share the same files. You open Qt Creator with both projects but really only edit one set of files. When you compile for MeeGo vs Windows you just select the different projects then and compile for each

Yes, but in that case if decide add files to the project i need add files to both project files. But... Less chances to broke Windows release while creating MeeGo release... Should to think about this. Maybe this is a really good idea :)

All I could find in the qmake documentation was this:
So one has to search for existing spec files in mkspecs folder to see how it is possible to test for platform.

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