Meego Project starting guide line?

Meego Project starting guide line?

Hi All, I am a newbie in Meego platform. But i have Qt experience for symbian.No i am planning to put one app for Intel AppUp store in Meego. First of all i am lil confused with the compliance things and all. I have the following undertanding ,please correct me if i am wrong. 1)I have to get an register IntelApp and have to download the sdk for Meego. 2)then i can start developement on Qt for Meego. 3)After developement i need to submit the app to Intel AppUp, For that i rquire to download Intel AppUp[SM] SDK. please clarify 1)how will get the GUid and where i need to put it on the Qt Code? 2)Can I use all Qt specific Core Api's like QtSql,QtCore,QtGui and all? Regards, Vsh.Vshnu
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Hi All,
I am using existing database (.sqlite) file in meego netbook application but sql query does not gives any output however database open condition is always true. I have put .sqlite file in project folder and install it in /var/opt/ folder.
please clarify how can i able to acheive this purpose. Is there any installation path mistake?



1.) Are there any records in the table you are querying?
2.) Have you stepped through your code at runtime to see what is returned?

Hi BrianDevArch,
Thanks for the reply
Yes database containg many table ,but it does not give output. I have put (mydemo.sqlite) database in project folder.

project file contains:

mydemo.spec \

target.path =/opt/com.companyname.mydemo/
icon.files =Icon/16/mydemo.png
icon.path =/usr/share/icons/
icon16.files =Icon/16/mydemo.png
icon16.path =/usr/share/icons/16x16/
icon32.files = Icon/32/mydemo.png
icon32.path = /usr/share/icons/32x32/
icon64.files = Icon/64/mydemo.png
icon64.path = /usr/share/icons/64x64/
icon128.files =Icon/128/mydemo.png
icon128.path =/usr/share/icons/128x128/
desktop.files =mydemo.desktop
desktop.path =/usr/share/applications/
icons.files =Icon/mydemo.png
icons.path =/usr/

INSTALLS += target icon icon16 icon32 icon64 icon128 desktop icons database

dabaseconnection.cpp contains:

QSqlDatabase DB;
DB = QSqlDatabase::addDatabase("QSQLITE");
#ifdef Q_OS_LINUX
// NOTE: We have to store database file into user home folder in Linux
QString path(QDir::home().path());
path = QDir::toNativeSeparators(path);
// NOTE: File exists in the application private folder, in Symbian Qt implementation
// Open database;

please clarify me how can i use existing database in my application.


Thank you for you interest in the Intel AppUp(SM) Developer Program.

Yes, you got it right for your first 3 statements.

Regarding the GUID, in order for you to submit your applications to Intel for validation, you need to go through the submission process. The process is simple. You can get there by clicking on 'My Dashboard'. When you 'start an application', it automatically generates a unique GUID for the particular app. This is the GUID you need to put in your codes.

You will find more information on developing apps for Meego for Intel AppUp(SM) Center on the following links: (please refer to the API release notes on the left hand side of the page)

I hope this helps.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other queries.


Intel AppUp(SM) Center
Intel AppUp(SM) Developer Program

DG Rooven

Hi Dg rooven,
Thanks for clarifying me...I have one more confusing thread
1)Can I use all Qt specific Core Api's like QtSql,QtCore,QtGui and all?

@Vsh.Vshnu Yes you can. My apps uses Qt APIs and works just fine on MeeGo. Qt is available on MeeGo from the box.

HI dmitry-rizshkov,
I am planning to open an existing sqllite database in my Meego net book application.But i cannot able to do that , always a new database is creating in /usr/local/bin folder with the same name.
I am using the Meego Qt SDk in windows developer environment.
I have done the following work around from my side;

1)i tried adding the database file inside the resource folder;its not working; i came to know that we resource files are read-only;
2)i tried adding the files inside the main project file ;Its not working;but creates a new database at the first run in /usr/local/bin;From second run onwards its opening the newly created database.
I just wanted the database should be inside the package so that i can install the project as a whole.Please give me some suggestions


Hi Vsh.Vshnu!

Due to these recommendations you should use "/var/opt/com.yourcompanyname.appname/" directory to place your database file.


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