Installing package failed

Installing package failed

Hi All, I have configured Meego SDk in my windows Xp by following the below link and i have setup the sdk for Meego Netbooks. I have added the Meego device configuration as Meego Emulator.Its test result shows its working fine. But wheni create a new Meego project File->New Qt C++ Projects->Qt Gui Project->Meego Netbook target... after running i am getting the following error "Installing package failed The following are the Comile output log from Qt creator" Running build steps for project helloMeeGo... Configuration unchanged, skipping qmake step. Starting: "C:\meegosdk_1.2\madde\bin\make.exe" -w make: Entering directory `/d/MeegoProjects/helloMeeGo' make: Nothing to be done for `first'. make: Leaving directory `/d/MeegoProjects/helloMeeGo' The process "C:\meegosdk_1.2\madde\bin\make.exe" exited normally. Creating package file ... Package Creation: Running command 'rrpmbuild -bb hellomeego.spec'. Executing: %build + make make: Nothing to be done for `first'. Executing: %install + make install INSTALL_ROOT=rrpmbuild/instroot install -m 755 -p "helloMeeGo" "rrpmbuild/instroot/usr/local/bin/helloMeeGo" Adding directory usr/local Adding directory usr/local/bin Adding file usr/local/bin/helloMeeGo Pushing data "C Package created. No directories to unmount Started uploading file 'D:\MeegoProjects\helloMeeGo\rrpmbuild\hellomeego-0.0.1-1.i586.rpm'. Successfully uploaded file 'D:\MeegoProjects\helloMeeGo\rrpmbuild\hellomeego-0.0.1-1.i586.rpm'. Installing package to device... bash: /usr/lib/mad-developer/devrootsh: cannot execute binary file No directories to unmount Deployment finished. Error while building project helloMeeGo (target: MeeGo) When executing build step 'Deploy to MeeGo device'
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Hi Vsh:

It looks like your code was compiled successfully. Can I ask you about your device run configuration?
If you go under Projects inside QtCreator, there is a build settings and run settings. How did you configure your run settings?


Hi vyau,
Thank you very much for the reply.
First of alll i am working on windows and i configure the machine for netbook profile, acording to the following article link
After that i configure the device configuration in Qt creator as Meego Emulator(username:root,password:meego)

The Following are the run target setting from Projects link for my project FirstMeego

Deply to device:Meego Emulator
Device Configuration:Meego Emulator
Files to Install for

Run Configuration:firstMeego
Device Configuration:Meego Emulator
Executable on host:c:\MeegoSDk_1.2\QtCreator\bin\FirstMeeGo\FirstMeeGo
Executable on device:/usr/local/bin/FirstMeeGo

do you have any ssh tool like putty on your development machine?
If so, can you try to ssh into your qemu environment which is localhost port 6666 (login: root, password: meego)?

If you are able to get in, can you try execute /usr/local/bin/FirstMeeGo



thanks again for the support,we really appreate this kind fo support from the experts out here.
i will try and let you know..

Hi vyau,
Yeah i can able to connect to localhost port 6666(login:root,pass:meego).
But when i try to run /usr/local/bin/FirstMeeGo, i go the following error
FirstMeeGo: cannot connect to X server
Thanks ,

Can you try with login as "meego". Password is still meego.

thanks for the help .. Now i can able to run the application on QEMU using the terminal application in QEMU emulator using the following command.
but still its not automatically happening.that means Qt creator is not automaticaly connecting with the QEMU emulator after clicking the Run command.I am always getting the "Installing package failed"

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