sign up app up center on device

sign up app up center on device

hi everybody, I have managed to install the app center but even if I am able do login at this page I cannot.login on the device. known bug or did I anything wrong?
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Please install the appup client for Win7 or Xp from
You should be able to see the Intel Appup Client icon in the desktop.
Click it to open to login using the username and password. If you dont have one Click Get one / Signup button in the appup client.

If you are trying to install the appup client for Meego
Please download it
AppUp center 2.5 Alpha for MeeGo Tablet -

AppUp center 2.5 Beta for MeeGo Netbook -

Hi if the above answers didnt solve your issue. Please write up in detail what you installed, which version and do u tried to login with ur username and password. More the detail. It can help us to give more solutions.

I have downloaded and installed AppUp center 2.5 Beta for MeeGo Netbook ( ) successfully on EeePc. I did not have any problems with the login and I was able to install MeeGo apps using the client.

Make sure you have user for and login using its credentials! You should not be able to login with your username and password for unless you have created the same accout at


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