Clarification in IntelAppUp SDK Integration

Clarification in IntelAppUp SDK Integration

Hi All, I am a newbie in Meego.I am planning to submit one Meego Netbook application in the IntelAppup Store.I have done the following thing.Please clarify me if i am wrong. 1)I 've installed Meego SDK For Windows Preview and seetup all the congiguration like QEMU,device configuration etc. 2)Now i have registered my appplication name in the dashboard; then i got the GUId.'Though i have'nt submitted my RPM file.i just given basic application name only. 3)I have installed Intel App UP SDK for Meego. i have the following question. In have developed the Qt Gui application in Qt creator;its main.cpp contains the following #include #include "homepage.h" int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { QApplication a(argc, argv); homepage app; app.showFullScreen();//this line is showing the application on the window return a.exec(); } I think if i have completed the development, i need to incorporate the Guid into my application.How can i do that.. and i have some concern over it while going through the There i have seen in the main() method #include #include #include #include "adpcppf.h" int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { QCoreApplication a(argc, argv); qDebug("ADP API Version: %s\n", QString::fromWCharArray(ADP_API_VERSION).toStdString().c_str()); com::intel::adp::Application *pBasicSampleApp = NULL; try{ pBasicSampleApp = new Application(ADP_DEBUG_APPLICATIONID); qDebug("Application Authorized to run.\n"); } catch (com::intel::adp::InitializationException& e) { qDebug("Caught Initialization exception in application with exception code: %ld\n", e.code()); } catch (com::intel::adp::UnauthorizedException& e) { qDebug("Caught Unauthorized exception in application with exception code: %ld\n", e.code()); } catch (com::intel::adp::AdpRuntimeException& e) { qDebug("Caught Runtime exception in application with exception code: %ld\n", e.code()); } // delete Application pointer if(pBasicSampleApp != NULL){ delete pBasicSampleApp; pBasicSampleApp = NULL; } return 0; //return a.exec(); } we are not creating any object of homepage app;(In my case); then how can i connect the main method to my application.. Please help me.. Regards, Vsh.vshnu
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Please take a look to my blog entry

here you will find information about AppUp SDK integration


In addition please be sure to use the production GUID assigned to your title when you submit for validation. This link may also help clarify things a bit:

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