ADP Authorization Error with AdpSimple Sample

ADP Authorization Error with AdpSimple Sample

I am experiencing similar results with the "AdpSimpleSample" application without any changes. I compiled it using Meego SDK 1.2 Preview on windows. When I execute it on the ideapad running meego 1.1(.4?) I get: ADP API Version 0.8 (and then after several seconds:) Entity: Line 1: parser error : Extra content at the end of the document Caught Unauthorized exception in application with exception code: 6 I have installed the "appup center beta" and have downloaded one application using it. (in case it matters)
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I have also got the same problem... couldn't know how to solve it..

Update: I reinstalled the last official image of the netbook experience to my ideapad and then after installing the AppUp store I could install my application.

Note: I can't remember but I may have installed the application using the AppUp instead of directly trying to install the rpm. I don't know if it would make a difference or not though.

IMPORTANT: if you are not planning on charging for your application and/or don't worry too much about the risk that someone may try to "copy" your application after installed, I was told that ADP integration is not a requirement for meego applications.

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