Problem while playing Audio on Tablet

Problem while playing Audio on Tablet

Hi All, I am facing below problems while playing audio- Here is my development environment - Meego SDK - 1.2 Windows XP Tablet - EXOPC - OS - Meego 1.1.90 My Problems- 2. I am trying to play audio on device by QML code. I dont have QtMobility installed on PC. I icluded following lines to .pro file. CONFIG += mobility MOBILITY = multimedia and I imported QTMultimediakit 1.1 inside my QML file. When I try to run it on Desktop, I am getting an error -"QtMultimediakit 1.1 " is not installed. Same thing, when i try to run it on device (EXOPC), I am getting run time error as below- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (:803): GStreamer-CRITICAL **: gst_debug_add_log_function: assertion `func != NULL' failed element name: uridecodebin0 uridecodebin added element name: inputselector0 Error: "The autoaudiosink element is not working." Error: "Internal data flow error." GStreamer; Unable to play - "file:///usr/local/share/TestStates/qml/statesQml/gameover.wav" Error: "No URI set" ---------------------------------------------------------- 2. The Deployment device setting in Qt-Creator is 1.2 and tablet is having Meego OS-1.1.90, there is a version deference between exe creation and device OS version. So i doubt, will I get expected output? So to resolve the above, should I install GStreamer on device? One more thing is, tablet what we have here is not supporting Multi-touch. Should I update the Meego OS version? Please help to solve the above problem. Thanks- Kiran
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Hi kiranvmath:

I like to ask a few questions relating to your device:

1) On your ExoPC, go into "terminal" and type this:

zypper search qt-mobility

can you tell me what you see?

2) Similar to step 1, can you type:

zypper search multimedia

and tell me what you see?

3) Is your file, gameover.wav, located in


4) How do you package gameover.wav in your code/package?
This question is somewhat related to #3. I just want to rule out this is not
a namespace problem with locating your wav file.

The easier way usually is to make use of Qt Resource system:

but other ways are possible so I want to see how you package your wav file(s).

On your Desktop, I assume it is inside MeeGo SDK under QtCreator, it maybe lacking QtMobility Multimedia.



Hi vincent,

On executing commands as suggested by you, I got following output on terminal-

1) zypper search qt-mobility

Error building the cache:
[|] Repository type can't be determined.
Warning: Disabling repository 'core' because of above error.
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...

S | Name | Summary | Type
i | qt-mobility | APIs for mobile device functionality | package

2) zypper search multimedia

Error building the cache:
[|] Repository type can't be determined.
Warning: Disabling repository 'core' because of above error.
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...

S | Name | Summary | Type
i | libdeclarative-multimedia | Qt Mobility Multimedia QML plugin | package
i | libqtmultimediakit1 | Qt Mobility MultimediaKit module | package

3) I am running application in the following way-
- I connected device to network
- In QtCreator, I have given IP address of the device and running.
- Not done anything externally packaging.

4) I will try to install QtMobilitkit.


Hi Kiran:

Thanks for giving me all the data.

Is your file, gameover.wav, located in /usr/local/share/TestStates/qml/statesQml/gameover.wav?

From the output you provided, you have QtMobility installed on your device. You also have multimedia package of QtMobility as well.
Your error message from GStreamer is saying that it is not able to locate gameover.wav in that directory above.
Can you check if the file is there or not?

Also, your repo is outdated. What type of MeeGo device are you using?



Sorry, I just saw that you mentioned you have ExoPC.

Are you open to updating your MeeGo image?

Can you tell me the content of this file: /etc/meego-release ?


Hi Vincent,

Thanks for showing your interest in solving my query.

1) In the following directory, gameover.wav file is present


2) content of meego-release is-

MeeGo release 1.1.90 (Meego)
BUILD: meego-tablet-ia32-pinetrail-

Hi Kiranvmath:

1) Your pro blem may be that GStreamer is unable to locate that file. This is my guess, based on the error that you received. Are you able to share the line that load that file?

2) You are running an older image. Are you interested in upgrading to a newer version? The instruction is here:


Hi Vincent,

Sorry for the late reply. We figured out the problem in playing audio. We have to install QTMobility kit on development system too. We did that and now audio is playing. I want to ask some more questions regarding performance and Orientation and Deployment.

Development environment as mentioned before-

1. Performance-
I am using QMl to develop my whole app. I am using QML for UI and javascript for Logic. Now when I run my app on device, it is acting very slow. So how can I improve the performance of my app?

2. Orientation -
This issue is eating my head. In my device, the built in UIs and images are rotating according to the orientation. But my app is not at all reacting to it, always runs on Landscape mode (left top is the (0,0)). When I create project, on orientation tab, I have given Auto rotate. I think that's enough to expect auto rotation of my app. Is it the reason with my OS version?

3. Deployment-
As I think, When I run my app from QtCreator on device, the package of app will get installed. When I double click on Application menu of device, it wont start. From terminal, if I try it will start but no audio. So before I create package , should I include some modules to it? If so, how to do it?

Please help on resolving above problems.

Thanks in advance-

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