Meego AppUP app using clutter API?

Meego AppUP app using clutter API?

Is it possible to use the clutter API in a Meego AppUp application? Would it still be considered Meego AppUp compliant? Also, are there any opinions on relative graphics performance and capabilities of QT versus clutter? I'd like to write a native Meego compliant app using clutter, but would also like to make it easily portable to a Meego AppUp app for other devices. If that isnt possible, or advisable, then QT would need to be used in the native Meego app, but my initial perception is that clutter is better suited to using OpenGL and so performance and advanced graphics functions would be easier/more efficient to use. Thanks Ashley
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Hi Ashley:

clutter is very well supported on MeeGo netbook platform.

I have not tried clutter on MeeGo tablet builds so I am not sure. On MeeGo tablet builds, there will only be OpenGL ES 2.0 support (on the Oaktrail and Moorestown builds that you can find in repo). Can clutter rely on only having OpenGL ES available in the underlying platform? On the pinetrail MeeGo build (pinetrail is an older Intel silicon), OpenGL is supported but may likely have performance issues.

If you need UI type animation, I think either Qt OpenGL or clutter should work fine. For more advanced graphics, you may need to go OpenGL ES directly on MeeGo tablet builds.

Hope this helps.


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