How to find my MeeGo program on Intel AppUp site?

How to find my MeeGo program on Intel AppUp site?

Hello all! Four months ago I added my MeeGo-program "MyTetra" on This program has the status Published: But for me, remains a mystery, how to find this program on the website Intel AppUp? I tried to look for a page with the program at: But never found my program. At the same time 36 people somehow managed to download this program. How they got it? Where is the page with my program?
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Currently the AppUp for MeeGo store is a developer beta and not available for public use. Since the MeeGo store is not yet available to consumers, the MeeGo apps are not yet listed on

You can download the appropriate MeeGo client from the download tab in this portal You should find your app in the store. But like I said you are not going to find your app listed on a public website yet. Not until the MeeGo store is made available to the public.

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