Welcome to the AppUp Encapsulator beta forum

Welcome to the AppUp Encapsulator beta forum

Please use this forum to discuss features, request support and engage in discussion around the AppUp Encapsulator service. Currently AppUp Encapsulator is in beta. You are welcome to submit and package your web applications for apps for AppUp. Currently Encapsulator supports HTML content (javascript, css, HTML5, Ajax, Flash embeds, etc) as well as .AIR files. Follow the instructions on the site and submit any questions, issues or discussion in this forum Go to the AppUp Encapsulator beta website to get started http://appdeveloper.intel.com/en-us/encapsulator-beta
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Hi Bob ,

I am getting a Error Message like this "Our software thinks that something isn't quite right.

Please retry after correcting errors.,ZIP file check failed,required file missing,icon.png" But I have included this source file. how can i over come this.

Rama Chandra,
ravali Technologies.

Rama Chandra

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