A Gift for their Wives Turns Two Brazilian Developers into the Next Big Fashion Site

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Some guys give their wives flowers and chocolate. Brazilian developers Flavio Priaps and Renato Steinberg gave their wives a fashion social networking site- Fashion.me. The site, originally called ByMK, was quickly picked up by Brazil’s fashion mavens as the place to create content related to fashion. 

“Fashion.me is a platform for people to talk about fashion and find out about the major launches of every brand, not only in Brazil, but worldwide. Since it was created for fashion, everything in Fashion.me is extremely visual, rich and vibrant,” says Co-founder Flavio Pripas.

Fashion.me has more than a million users in Brazil, and they’ve recently expanded to the United States. Before making the jump to the U.S., Fashion.me knew they needed to shore up their existing technology, so they became an Intel Software Partner. Co-founder Renato Steinberg says, “We used Intel® Concurrency Checker and dual-core servers to increase the amount of users we can support. With this new optimization, we can now support 50,000 users per server. Before we optimized with Intel, we could only support 30,000.”


By using Intel Concurrency Checker, Fashion.me measured the parallel performance level of their software. “The increased speed and power that the dual core servers and the Intel Concurrency Checker have brought the site allow our users to share their style and talk about fashion in a social environment. This social aspect has been key to our growth,” explains Pripas. “We realized early on that our users will create the site they want. They wanted to connect with others about fashion. They wanted a place to talk about style. Fashion.me has evolved into that space.”

Fashion.me has also received funding from Intel Capital to support the growth of the site. “Support from Intel Capital was important to us as a young company. It meant that someone (besides our wives) thought this site would work,” says Steinberg. The additional funding has allowed Fashion.me to market and grow internationally while keeping up with the technological demands of a growing user base.

So, what’s next for this fashionable social networking site? “We are always improving the site and bringing our users more of what they want. Fashion.me is looking forward to reaching a global market and transforming, once again, into a site that brings together fashion lovers from around the globe,” says Pripas.


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