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How can I "better" take advantage of sensors in Windows RT applications (for the Windows Store)? WinRT APIs already allow me to do that but, AFAIK, the WinRT apps must be platfomr agnostic, being able to run even in Winodws ARM devices.... but how can my application run better on Intel? Does Intel provide components that can be added to my WinRT project/apps that allow my app to run better on Intel?

Think like this.... I have app X being sold @ the Windows Store. If a user buys my app and installs it on a Intel system, the app would run much better (in terms of reliability, performance & experience) than if he/she had installed it on a similar system runing ARM or AMD. Is this a feasible scenario?

Any thoughts?


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Taking advantage of Ultrabook sensors for Windows Store apps is pretty straight forward thanks to a comprehensive Windows 8 device APIs. Visit this page for reference on APIs for Accelerometer, Inclinometer, Gyrometer etc.

Note sensor will leverage the CPU, so running sensor rich applications will be a good experience in Intel powered devices.

Yes, there are common strategies depending on your application to take advantage of the processor performance and hardware. In the PC gaming space it has been common practice to scale the experience to the hardware, where a minimal experience is designed, while also enabling a more feature rich experience per the hardware capability of the device. Even outside of the gaming space, a photo app, music or video editor might have modes exposed with the capability of the CPU. This is all possible.

Also note, when building your app in Visual Studio 2012, you can select the processor target in the build as Neutral, x86, etc. to target the hardware profile of your build

Hope this helps

Hi, Personally I think that this store is the worse of windows, they try imitate to software center of Linux

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