Innovating for User Experience on Intel Ultrabook

The idea: 

Get the secrets of innovating for your users. This article (video)  gives you the approach, the design concept to innovate User Experience on your app. We share with you how we created an cool Ux on the Intel Ultrabook.  To find out a novel way to interact with your PC, see the videos in this article. 




User Experience: Demo of a interesting user experience 

See a 30 seconds Video of the experience 


Video Tutorial:  So, how to design the above UX in your app?


Find out in 5 minutes. Watch a video tutorial on how we designed & created a  Panaroma effect in your photo viewing Experience . 





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what about using a round panoramic camera, one with lets say 12 lenses that looks from right to left with out you moving the laptop or tablet, it will be a camera that will stick out a little so all 12 lenses have clear view and they record frames but not all at the same time,
or it can all record a the same time but diferent shots and a software can do the editing

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