Hi everyone

I have opened this topic to give us of chance of presenting ourself before the results next month.

I am Fabien, it's the fourth time I am taking at this contest with Maxime. As usual it's real pleasure to get back on this forum and share our experience with everyone.

I have forgotten, I am french student from the "Ecole des mines de saint etienne", near Marseille. You can follow me on twitter (@farcellier) or on my blog [in french].



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Hi everybody,

Just a short answer, I work with Fabien on this contest for the 4th time !!! We really enjoy to participate at the Accelerate Challenge and like discover each time new subjects.

One more time, we will do our best to do a functionnal and fast solution.

To can short speak, don't hesitate to write me on twitter @payason .



Hi Fabien and Maxime,

Welcome back on the forum. This post is a good idea to help people knowing each other.

For those of you interested, I'm Cédric and I'm currently working on the contest organisation with Paul and Anthony. I also participated to this contest twice and it was a very nice experience. This time I'm on the other side.

I wish a lot of fun to all the contestants. Don't hesitate to share your problems concerning parallel programming on the forum. A lot of people will probably be pleased to help you.

Hi everybody,

It would maybe be better for me to present myself because I already posted on the forum. :)
I'm Timothé (Tim is enough) from the "INSA de Rennes" and I'm very excited by this contest (for the first time).

I hope to all of you a lot of fun on this contest! :)


Timothé Viot,
Engineer student, Insa Rennes 1

Hi all,

Just some word to introduce myself. I am running for this contest for the second time with Paul. We are both from "Telecom Bretagne" (another french team ;-) )
I really enjoy this contest and hope we gonna have a lot of fun together :-)

Hey there,

I'm Heye, from Universität Hamburg (Germany) and also participating for the second time.

Happy coding everybody! ;-)

Rock the bits!

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