Intel® Software Development Products – Student FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for Students using Intel® Software Development Products

What does student mean?
A student is defined as a full-time or part-time matriculated student of a higher education institution defined as a public or private, vocational school, correspondence school, junior college, college, or university. Students cannot be paid and/or compensated for software development using the Intel® Software Development Products student suites.

I am part of a group project and we all need to use these products. What can I do?
A student license is an individual-use license, and as such each student  in the group project would need to obtain their own copy of the product and license to use it in the project. In addition, to qualify for the a student license the individual in the group project applying for the license cannot receive any form of compensation for working on the group project.

Do I get Intel support?
Yes. However, the license provided includes forum support only.  Intel® Premier Support is available with Academic Research licenses but not for Student licenses or for licenses to the Intel® Software Development Products student suites

What’s the difference between the Intel® Software Development Suite Student Edition and the free student license?
The free student license only includes C++ tools, while the Intel® Software Development Suite Student Edition also contains the Intel® Fortran Compiler.

How long can I use the software? 
Students can use and download updates to their software for one year after registration. After one year, students must verify student status and request a license again. After graduation, students are no longer eligible for a student license.   

I am a professor. Can I use the student product?
No. Teaching is a profession and you are getting compensated for it. You may, however, have your students register and install student licenses.  Alternative options are available including floating licenses for labs or classrooms, academic research licenses, and Academic Software Resources for Professors.

I am engaged in academic research. Can I use the student product?
If you, as a student, are receiving any form of compensation for the research project (i.e., you receive a salary, or funding, etc.), you do not qualify for a student license. However, you may request an
academic license.

Do the features vary between the student and commercial product?
At the current time, the student product offerings have the same features as the commercial product. However, Intel reserves the right to change this policy without notice at any time. In addition, the licenses provided include limited support and are not renewable.

Is there a specific time period for this offering?
No, currently there is no specific time frame for this offer.  However, Intel reserves the right to change this policy without notice at any time.

Are there any plans to offer all Intel® Software Development Products under this license?
Intel will continue to examine its product portfolio and make changes to the product offerings on an ongoing basis. This may include adding or removing products from this offering.

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