Confusion on times of the play hard proposal

Confusion on times of the play hard proposal

The illustrations provided suggest that he has to be on vacation during vacation time min (means start before ar_time_max and has to leave afetr ar_time_max + vacation_time_min).

So, when going on vacation after the conference, it is not possible to end the vacation earlier than ar_time_max + vacation_time_min?

Or can he be doing his vacation between ar_time_min and ar_time_max + vacation_time_max, when he stays on vacation for at least vacation_time_min?

If so can he be on vacation longer than vacation_time_max as long as he arrives in time (so before ar_time_max + vacation_time_max)?

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This question bothered me as well, but I looked at reference solution and decided to stick to it. It looks like the answer for all questions of that kind is "look at reference solution/we won't test on tricky scenarios". Anyway, it would be almost impossible to change rules during the contest, as many students do not read the forum.
P.S.: I hope next time organizers will make problem statement more TopCoder-like and without any ambiguity. I know that purpose is not dealing with extreme cases, but it's much easier to write program with clear understanding of the problem.

That's what I tried too, I tested different scenarios I created but the play hard proposition was left with no solution, that's why I came here. But now after rethinking the whole thing I found out that I was completely wrong on some assumptions I had. That was why there where no solution to my tests. I think that he has to be on vacation during the ar_time_max and has to leave after ar_time_max + vacation_time_min time slot. And he can go on vacation as long as he wants, while coming back before ar_time_max + vacation_time_max. I hope I got it right now....

Note for all that had the same confusion I had (but resolved) on visiting cities twice on play hard:
This route is valid:
Home -> Vacation (stop over) -> Conference -> Home (stop over) -> Vacation -> Conference (stop over) -> Home

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