Command terminated by signal 6

Command terminated by signal 6

My program is getting error - Command terminated by signal 6 12.15 (CPU usage:149%).

Does it mean that tbb creates more threads than I provided in 

task_scheduler_init init(parameters.nb_threads);



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I ran Intel Inspector on your program and here is the result (Not the full one cause I had t stop it, the execution was too long on the benchmark)

1 new problem(s) found
1 Data race problem(s) detected
1 new problem(s) found
1 Uninitialized memory access problem(s) detected

The second point is probably the reason of the signal 6. But you should definitely solve your data race problem.

I suggest you to download Intel Parallel Studio (there is a free trial period for non commercial use) and to use it to point out your problems.

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