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Welcome to the Intel® Developer Zone’s Education Software Initiative!

Turn your development talent towards education by participating in the Intel® Developer Zone’s Education Software Initiative. Receive technical and business benefits to help you develop education software and content solutions that engage students and empower educators to use technology effectively. Use the Initiative resources to get recognized by the Intel® Education Alliance, a complete and locally relevant education solution of innovative software, content and hardware providers.

Create Great Education Software and Content for Global Users

The Intel® Education Alliance and the Intel® Developer Zone have come together to provide the technical and business resources needed to develop exceptional education software and content.

Intel® Education Solutions moves beyond devices to combine hardware, software, content, infrastructure, and service providers to deliver locally relevant solutions worldwide.

The Intel® Education Alliance

The Education Software Initiative helps you get noticed by the Education Alliance. Acceptance into the  Alliance provides opportunities to reach education decision makers while showcasing your unique education solution. Key benefits of the Alliance include:

  • Dedicated account teams
  • UX/UI Education roadmaps
  • Customer Technical Training and AppLabs focused on UX/UI, Windows 8 and Android development
  • Co-Marketing Opportunities (events, showcases and more)
  • Go to market with channel and ICT buyers

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The Intel® Education Alliance is interested in education software focusing on:
Education Content Content delivering applications, such as text books.
Education Tools Supplemental apps outside the standard curriculum providing “after school” help.
Education Games Teaching a certain subject, expanding concepts, reinforcing development or assisting in learning a skill while playing.
Education Management Help teachers and administrators manage school and student data, admin, instructional and classroom activities.
Productivity Tools facilitating organization, communications, collaboration and efficiency in educational settings.

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The Intel® Education Alliance: Innovate, Accelerate, and Digital Content
The Intel® Education Alliance brings together hardware, software, content, infrastructure, and service providers to deliver locally-relevant, integrated solutions to classrooms worldwide. The invitation-only Intel® Education Alliance is a network of leading ecosystem vendors that provide building blocks for complete and locally-relevant education solutions. In addition to the technical and business resources provided in the Intel® DZ Education Software Initiative, Alliance members access exclusive enhanced resources in business development, marketing, and product development.
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Education Software Initiative and Intel® Education Alliance: Support and Reward
The Education Software Initiative provides technical and business support for all things software – from development to distribution. The Intel® Education Alliance brings together multiple vendors to deliver multi-OS and platform solutions. Associating these assests and their respective areas of expertise provides the following value to software and content developers:

Integration Value Education Software Initiative Intel® Education Alliance
Technical support to develop distinct education software and content utilizing Intel® Architecture functions and features.
  • Technical Platform Assessment
  • Access to Intel Engineers
  • Reducing Development Time
  • Development Hardware
  • UX/UI Education Roadmaps – early access to functions and features to share your software
  • Joint production innovation advancing rich development content
  • Deep investment into OS and form factor enablement
Driving awareness through branding, product showcases, case studies and more.
  • A community of marketing experts and resources
  • Your brand associated with Intel
  • Education Assessment
  • Curriculum Mapping, research and local market analysis
  • Co-marketing opportunities
  • Associate your brand with the Intel® Education Alliance
Go to Market
Connect to Intel® Technology Providers, such as OEMs and resellers, co-sell with Intel, software distribution and more.
  • Marketing collateral
  • Promotions and co-marketing
  • Hardware bundling opportunities
  • Marketing Materials
  • Matchmaking bundles, solution sales, joint sales training and co-selling
  • Networking: Preferential worldwide event access

Education Software and Hardware in Action

See a short vignette of a hypothetical student project featuring project-based learning and technology.

Where Great Education Software Gets Noticed

Intel® Education Alliance members can present their education-centered software and content globally with screen images, videos and more in the Education Alliance Showcase. The Showcase provides the opportunity to:

  • Find Education Customers
  • Increase Your Visibility
  • Be Part of an Education Solution

View the Intel® Education Alliance Showcase

PR Newswire*: Be Buzz-Worthy

Create a software profile, then create your own large-scale news release. Highlight your software success and PR Newswire* will distribute your press release to targeted marketing channels. This is a valuable opportunity for you to reach your target audience, gain exposure and promote your software.

Work hard and get noticed


GS Preschool Games

Animated Essential Atlas of Anatomoy and Physiology

Contribute to Intel® Education Alliance’s Freemium Program

Intel® Education, identifies high-quality digital educational content and applications for Intel® Education Resources content bundles used in environments worldwide. Here is how it works:

  • Content contributions are for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, and include Intel-developed content as well.
  • The Intel® Education Resources content bundles are available to education deployments at no charge.
  • The Freemium Program allows educators to test the educational content in their curriculum environments before purchasing.

Participating content and software companies must be members of the Intel® Education Alliance who agree to provide free versions of their content or software. This is an opportunity for Intel® Education Alliance members to receive substantial exposure for their company and products with teachers and school administrators worldwide.

Contact your Intel Education representative for more information.

Case Studies: Software Success in Education

For education-focused software and content developers looking to be at the head of the class, the Intel® Education Alliance combines the best of Intel’s software and content developer tools with Intel’s education expertize to deliver one holistic Intel Education Ecosystem program. Be inspired by the success of your peers:
MangoReader by MangoSense Pvt. Ltd.
MangoReader by MangoSense Pvt. Ltd. for Ultrabook™ devices is an innovative new reading platform providing a new and engaging approach to books.
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Intel® Education and Adaptive Curriculum
Created and expanded usage of flexible math, science and language courseware by optimizing software to run on the latest Intel-powered platforms.
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Intel® Education and Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.
Through partnership with Intel, Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. is better able to bring digital information resources to students and teachers worldwide.
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Intel® Education and Con Saber Humano
Colombian startup, Con Saber Humano, got their web-based education application to market 30% faster, optimized software performance, and earned trust from schools and technology partners – all with development and marketing support from Intel.
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Childtopia: Gaming Initiative Fosters Children's Development
Childtopia, a Spanish developer of educative PC games, optimized its products for Intel® processors and achieved performance gains of 40%.
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Intel® Education and Metasys
The Brazilian government formed a valuable partnership with Intel and local software company, Metasys, to develop a bundled education-focused solution featuring Intel classmate PCs.
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Are You an Education Software Hero?

  • Create solutions to teach, inspire, and enhance productivity.
  • Discover vital factors in developing for students and teachers.
  • Expand by targeting Ultrabooks™, tablets, and convertibles.
  • Take full advantage of touch and sensors.
  • Connect with resources from Intel and the Intel Education community.

Help Developing Education Applications for 21st Century Learning

New platform application development can be challenging, but shouldn’t be intimidating. These resources can help make the design decisions that build outstanding education applications for Intel Ultrabooks™, tablets and convertibles running Android or Microsoft Windows* 8 or HTML5.

Android Resources:

  Featured Content   Free Tools
Android* Application Development and Optimization on the Intel® Atom™ Platform Introducing Beacon Mountain v0.5 for Android* application development
Creating and Porting NDK based Android* Apps for Intel® Architecture Intel® Atom™ x86 Image for Android* Jelly Bean 4.3 Installation Instructions - Recommended
Software Developer’s Guide for Sensors on Intel Atom based Android* Tablets Intel® GPA: Support of the Google* Android* Platform
    Remote Testing Tool
    HTML5 Playground

Get the answers you need at the Android Community.

Microsoft Windows* 8 Resources:

  Featured Content   Free Tools
Getting Started with Ultrabook™ Development Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers
Ultrabook™ Device and Tablet Windows* Touch Developer Guide Intel® Tool Suites for Windows
Intel Graphics Developer's Guides Intel Perceptual Computing SDK
Touch Targets for Ultrabooks Intel Media SDK
Intel® Perceptual Computing SDK Reference Manual Voice Modules Intel® SDK for OpenCL*
Windows* 8 on Intel® Architecture AppLab series    

Deep-dive into these technical communities: Microsoft Windows* 8.

HTML5 Resources:

  Featured Content   Free Tools
Getting started with HTML5 Intel® HTML5 App Porter Tool - BETA
Intel® HTML5 Development Environment Getting Started Intel® XDK Tools
Getting Started with the Intel® XDK    

Learn more from our community: HTML5.

Various form factors and hardware capabilities offered by devices running Microsoft Windows* 8 pose new challenges to be addressed during application design to ensure a good user experience on each device.


Touch is compelling for education apps, to keep users engrossed and improve the learning experience. Research shows that users of devices with touch and keyboard/mouse inputs prefer to use both, depending on the nature of the application.

Reimagining Apps for Ultrabook™: Key design considerations for touch interactions, touch targets, touch gestures, and more.

Optimizing Windows 8 Desktop apps with touch including sample code Learn how to enable your apps for touch using Windows* 8 recommended techniques. The session includes detailed code walkthrough and comparison metrics to enable touch using multiple programming techniques.

User Experience / User Interface

Designing for Different Form Factors
Devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and Ultrabooks™ come with touch built in, which demands new design approaches to suit different orientations, screen resolutions, form factors, and usage models. These elements create flexible and compelling user experiences.

Designing applications for the Windows* 8 Desktop and Windows 8 Store An industry UI/UX expert will walk through case studies highlighting design considerations and recommendations for Windows 8 Desktop and Windows 8 Store apps.


Unconventional usage models in education applications can help to teach difficult subjects and keep a student’s focus with context awareness and interactivity. For example, near-field communication can allow students to share notes, and GPS can help them learn geography. Informed design choices can help take advantage of sensors such as the accelerometer, gyroscope, ambient light sensor, compass, and GPS.

Sensor Development Guide for Windows* 8 Ultrabook™ and Tablet: Get up to speed on the Windows 8 sensors application programming interfaces (APIs), with a specific focus on the various sensor capabilities available in Windows 8 Desktop mode.

Enabling Windows 8 apps with Sensors including sample code In this session, you will learn the Windows 8 recommended sensors; APIs to access sensors with code walk through for Accelerometer, NFC and GP.

Microsoft Windows* 8 Considerations

When designing education apps for Windows* 8, consider devices ranging from large screens to small tablets, with various aspect ratios, in both portrait and landscape orientations. Engage users from the Start screen with live tiles, and consider implementing the app bar when contextual actions are available, moving menus and controls toward the edges of the screen to allow for smoother thumb operation, especially in landscape mode.

Take advantage of the full spectrum of user interactions in Windows 8, including touch, pen, keyboard (including arrow keys), mouse, and even external game controllers. Also, sharing game contracts can add another dimension to the education experience by incorporating the web, social media, and email, for example.

Development models to enhance productivity in Enterprise apps This session will provide a detailed code walk-through on how you can develop cross—platform portable class libraries that can be leveraged across Windows 8 Desktop and Store apps.
Cross-platform portable app development using HTML5 Learn how to develop rich, interactive cross-platform apps that will wow your users. In this session you will learn how to use Intel's HTML5 resources and tools to more easily develop great apps on Windows 8 for all of your target devices.
Developing HTML5 JavaScript applications on Windows* 8 In this session, you will learn what it means to develop HTML5/JavaScript apps on Windows* 8. Code samples will show you how you can implement new elements like the search or share contracts, charms bar, Appbar etc. Flash developers will also learn how to port their applications to Windows* 8.
Distribution, Windows App certification and Deployment Techniques In this session you will learn the ways in which you can distribute Windows 8 Desktop and Store apps, Windows 8 certification requirements and deployment options like side-loading for enterprise applications.

Next Steps

It is time to determine what resources will best take you through the next steps as you start developing your application.

Microsoft Windows* 8 / Ultrabook™ / Tablet Resources

Code Samples for Sensors and Touch in Windows* 8 Apps

Learn by example how platform capabilities can be implemented in code:

HTML5 Development Resources

HTML5 is an open standard that allows developers to write once and run anywhere. This cross-platform approach greatly increases a developer’s total potential audience while providing users a more consistent experience across different screen sizes.

Learn, Create and Publish on the HTML5 Zone.

Next Steps:

Let's talk Education Software and Content Development!

Read what your peers and the Intel team are saying about the business and technology of developing software that engages students and empowers educators to use technology effectively.

Speculative Parallel DFA Membership Tests
By Eliana Penzner (Intel)Posted 03/31/20140
In a recent paper published in the International Journal of Parallel Programming, Yousun Ko, Minyoung Jung, Yo-Sub Han and Bernd Burgstaller presented techniques to parallelize memberships tests for Deteministic Finite Automata (DFAs). With the use of the Intel Academic Program Manycore Testing L...
Teachers are Using Technology More than Ever
By Eliana Penzner (Intel)Posted 11/05/20130
Digital technologies have become a critical part of a teachers’ teaching and professionalization, according to a survey of teachers who instruct American middle and secondary school students. The survey by Pew Internet and Life found that more teachers than ever are taking advantage of the Intern...
Chromebooks Gain 25% Market Share
By patricia (Intel)Posted 10/04/20130
Investor's Business Daily takes note of how the Chromebook is gaining consumer market share for sub-$299 notebooks. Last month Google introduced 4 HP Chromebooks designed for Haswell at Intel's Developer Forum this past September and already they are top selling for Amazon!  Google blogs "In educ...
Learning through Play
By Eliana Penzner (Intel)Posted 10/03/20130
Children naturally learn though play. Through play children can develop social and cognitive skills, mature emotionally, and gain the self-confidence required to engage in new experiences and environments according to researchers. Plus, as children play, they learn to solve problems, social skill...


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Android* 4.4 (KitKat) x86 Emulator System Image
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The x86 Android* 4.4 (KitKat) emulator system image enables you to run an emulation of Android on your development machine. In combination with the Android SDK, you can test your Android applications on a virtual Android device based on Intel Architecture. In order to install the emulator image ...
Intel® USB Driver for Android* Devices
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The Intel Android USB Driver package will enable you to connect your Windows* based machine to your Android device that contains an Intel Atom processor inside. Note: The Intel USB Driver package version 1.1.5 is designed for Android App developer usage with added support of Microsoft Windows* 8...
Speeding Up the Android* Emulator on Intel® Architecture
By Costas Stylianou (Intel)Posted 11/27/20131
Abstract: If you are an Android* developer who is unhappy with the performance of the Android emulator, then this document is for you. Over and over again, we have heard from many Android developers that the emulator is slow and painful to work with, but this should not be the case! If you are u...
Creating and Porting NDK based Android* Apps for IA
By adminPosted 11/27/20131
Objective This article is a beginner’s introduction to creating native (NDK based) Android* applications for Intel® architecture (IA) based devices. We will also discuss porting NDK Android apps to IA based devices that were created for other architecture based devices. We will walk through two ...


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MangoReader by MangoSense Pvt. Ltd.

MangoReader by MangoSense Pvt. Ltd. for Ultrabook™ devices is an innovative new reading platform providing a new and engaging approach to books.
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