Color and depth image size

Color and depth image size

Is it possible to set the color and depth image sizes to other values than 640x480 and 320x240 ?

If so, how to do that ?

Is there any way to ask to the driver which image sizes are accepted ?

Is there any way to resize images from your SDK by using some methods in your SDK ?

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This should be doable. Do you have a test case where it fails?

- Chuck

Thanks for your answer.

Yes if you get the camera_viewer code sample and replace :

capture.SetFilter(cmdl.m_sdname?cmdl.m_sdname:L"DepthSense Device 325");
    for (std::list<PXCSizeU32>::iterator itrc=cmdl.m_csize.begin();itrc!=cmdl.m_csize.end();itrc++)
    for (std::list<PXCSizeU32>::iterator itrd=cmdl.m_dsize.begin();itrd!=cmdl.m_dsize.end();itrd++)


PXCSizeU32 oSizeColor = { 1280, 960 };
    capture.SetFilter( PXCImage::IMAGE_TYPE_COLOR, oSizeColor );
    PXCSizeU32 oSizeDepth = { 640, 480 };
    capture.SetFilter( PXCImage::IMAGE_TYPE_DEPTH, oSizeDepth );

app will crash but not with 640x320 color and 320x240 depth.

my app fails on LocateStreams when I try another size than 640x480 and 320x240

You can use PXCCapture::VideoStream::QueryProfile function to identify supported image sizes on color and depth streams (or capture_viewer.exe tool will also show that).

For creative camera, it's only one for depth stream (320x240) and several for color stream (640x480, 1280x720, ..)

All right, do you embed in your SDK any way to resize efficiently images ?

Is it a good idea to try to use IPP for that if you don't provide any fast resize methods ?

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