MVC playback problems in Cyberlink PowerDVD

MVC playback problems in Cyberlink PowerDVD

I've managed to create a AVCHD 3D disc (AVC and MVC video) with the SDK so far. I'm using the AVC- and MVC-Encoder from the SDK and an own MPEG-TS muxer and authoring layer. The image created plays reasonable well on a variety of hardware players and even stereoscopic player on the software side.

When playing back the image in Cyberlinks PowerDVD software player a heavily distorted playback occurs. During single step playback (with disabled 3D output) one would expect to only see the AVC content (left eye), but MVC and AVC is mixed up. Whenever an I- or P-slice occurs the player switches from one video elementary stream to the other. Interestingly, if there are large sequences of B-slices everything seems to be fine for a while.

Has anyone experienced similar problems? How does the SDK manage the frame order of the MVC video stream if the accompanying AVC stream is encoded as IPBBPBB for example? Or in other words, is the MVC stream always encoded with the same slice types and order as the accompanying AVC stream?

What information in the MVC may cause things like that? Is there any tool to analyse MVC elementary streams?

Thanks, Axel

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Hi Axel,

What version of Cyberlink PowerDVD are you using?  There may simply be an issue with the applciation.



Thanks Tony,

meanwhile I found the problem. PowerDVD 12 doesn't like streams encoded with MaxDecFrameBuffering of 1 for whatever reason. Leaving this parameter untouched solved the issue for now.


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