sharing intel inspector results with external collaborators

sharing intel inspector results with external collaborators


My question pertains to the static analyzer in particular, but also relevant to the thread or memory checker.

I work on a very large scientific code with a number of collaborators at other institutions (national laboratories, universities, etc.). Many of them do not have access to the Intel Inspector. How can I disseminate the results of the code analysis to my collaborators in an intelligible format? The output looks like XML, is there some universal Java reader that is free available, or something that can generate a PDF report.

Thanks in advance.

Nichols A. Romero, Ph.D.

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First at all, you need to use Intel(R) Parallel Studio XE product license to collect data and display report.

Intel Composer XE is responsible to do static security analysis, and generate the result.

Intel Inspector XE is responsible to display result, now current product can generate report in three formats: text, csv, xml - I don't know if there is any tool to convert these files to new format, e.g. PDF file format you require.


If you need to share particular problems with your colleagues (not complete result) text-based problem reports maybe useful - see the screenshot attached. 


Downloadimage/png 2-problem-report.png157.37 KB

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