ATOM N2600-Media SDK with HW acceleration

ATOM N2600-Media SDK with HW acceleration

Hi all,

I have an ATOM N2600 ( with Windows 7 32 Bit, i need 64 Bit later for the release Version, but to keep it simple 32 Bit atm.)

I have installed Intel Grpahics Media Accelerator 3600 Series Driver from Intel.


sts = MFXInit(MFX_IMPL_HARDWARE, &HWversion, &HWsession);


I also tried to install Intel_EMGD_WinXp_WEC7_v1.15Gold, but still the same, after installing the Windows XP Driver (Win7 was not in the list) there is still no HW support available.

But i found in this article that there must be a way to use the HW acceleration

Here it says:

"The examples below require Intel® EMGD to be installed on the Intel® Atom™ Processor E6xx Series platform on Windows 7 or WES 7 operating systems"

But where can i download the EMGD Driver for Windows 7 (32 and 64 Bit version?)?Or which driver must i install? It's very confusing to me

Thnx for help

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The Intel Embedded Graphics Driver (EMGD) for Windows 7 does not support the Intel(r) Atom N2600 platform (formally known as CedarTrail).  This platform does not currently provide hardware support for the Intel Media SDK.

Accelerated Media SDK support is available on other Atom platforms, but not this one.



Hm, in this dokument it sounds different:

Page 21:

Recommended Intel Processor Platforms cont’d Intel® AtomTm Processors

Intel® Atom Processor D2700, N2800 and N2600 paired with Intel® NM10 Express Chipset provides great capability in delivering dual real time 1080p video decoding through its internal hardware acceleration engine and great processing capability with processor core frequency up to 2.13 GHz

How can i access the "great capability.... internal hardware acceleration engine" on Windows 7, when Media SDK doesn't support it?

The decode capabilities on Windows 7 are made available thru the Microsoft DXVA API.

Microsoft DXVA decode APIs are generally a lower-level API (slice-level) than what the Intel Media SDK API provides and requires a bit more application code, but the interfaces are documented by Microsoft.



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