Is this ok with fortran standard?

Is this ok with fortran standard?


please have a look at the following small program:

program Test_Sort
  implicit none
  data cDD/'111','222'/
  character(len=3),dimension(2) :: cDD
  write(6,'(2(a,x))') cDD
end program Test_Sort

In this program the data assignment to cDD is done before cDD is definied.
This program compiles and is producing correct results in IVF

Is this conform to the fortran standard? Or is this a accidental result?

Thanks in advance


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ifort /stand tropfen.f90


tropfen.f90(4): warning #8226: The variable typing occurred after the DATA state
ment and changed its implicit typing.   [CDD]
      character(len=3),dimension(2) :: cDD
tropfen.f90(3): warning #7159: Array declarations for a symbol appearing after t
he DATA statement is not permitted in standard Fortran 2003.   [CDD]
    data cDD/'111','222'/
tropfen.f90(5): warning #7423: Fortran 2003 requires a count prefix for the X ed
it descriptor.   [a,x]
        write(6,'(2(a,x))') cDD

Yes, ifort by default accepts many extensions inherited from predecessors, but in these cases adheres to the standard requirement that a means is provided to diagnose them.

I think Tim used a Warning Level /W4 or /W5 to display these warnings.

No, he used /stand, as he showed. ifort doesn't understand /W4 or /W5.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

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