remote data collection with vtune xe 2013

remote data collection with vtune xe 2013

I am trying to install vtune for remote data collection:

I am copying the amplifier folder to my target. And starting installation.

First error: Linux* OS kernel version is not suitable for Power analysis 


Installing Amplifier XE Command line interface component... done

Installing Amplifier XE Sampling driver kit component... done

Installing Amplifier XE Power driver kit component... done

In /opt/intel I have 2 folders: vtune_amplifier_xe  vtune_amplifier_xe_2013 and vtune_amplifier_xe  vtune_amplifier_xe.

Why 2 folders and which one is the best :) to use for remote data collection in my target?

I am trying to run command line in the target for data collection: 

./amplxe-cl -collect /opt/intel/vtune_amplifier_xe_2013/samples/en/C++/tachyon/tachyon_find_hotspots 

amplxe: Fatal error: Cannot find analysis type. Check input parameters or reinstall the product. 



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Hi mb:

The model you are attempting to utilize is not supported by the product.  Instead, after extracting the tar file, copy the CLI_install folder in the extracted files over to the remote system and then execute the script in that folder.  See "Installing Collectors on Remote Systems" in the Release Notes for details.  A license is not requried for the installation and results cannot be viewed on the remote system.  You must copy results over to the host and view them there.

You can ignore the power driver warning, it simply means what it says and for profiling performance you do not need the power driver.  *If* you want to profile power usage, you need a newer Linux kernel (see Release Notes for requirement - I can't remember it off the top of my head right now).

Also, regarding "two directories", the shorter one is just a symbolic link to the longer one.  You can reference either one, but you should source the file (for bash), before attempting to use the commands.

Found it - power driver: "Supported only with Linux kernel version 2.6.32 and later."

Thanks MrAnderson.

I generated in my target a folder r000hs. I took the folder to my host/ opened ./amplxe-gui. new project with a path to  r000hs/r000hs.amplxe

the folder has: config, data.0, r000hs.amplxe

result: cannot display data???

Thanks for help.


The "r000hs.amplxe" file is not a project file.  You can't specify it as a project.  You can create either 1) create an empty project and 'import' the results into that project or 2) simply open the results without a project (see File menu).  Unfortunately, if you don't import it into a project, you won't be able to set search directories for resolving symbols.  You can do that from the command line on the remote system using the -search-dirs option.

What files are in the data.0 directory?

Hi All, 

I'm try to remote collect on MIC. Reading the remote collection document I should use However I can't find this file on my host directory. If I try to run the amplxe-runss executable directly onto the target it fails with:

./amplxe-runss: line 1: syntax error: unexpected "("

If you run it from the host it seems the parameter described in the document are not correct:

amplxe-runss --target=root@mic-0 -r result@@@ --event-config "CPU_CLK_UNHALTED.CORE:" -- ./myapp
amplxe: Collection started
amplxe: Error: Invalid Event CPU_CLK_UNHALTED.CORE discarded.
amplxe: Error: There are no valid events specified. Sampling aborted.
Run parameters are not valid - Aborting sampling run ...
amplxe: Error: Options error

Does anybody have an idea of what is happening?


Hi Icicca:

You don't need to use for MIC.  MIC support is built in.  The driver should get installed when you install the VTune Amplifier XE on your host system and then you use the Advanced Analysis types from "Knights Corner Platform Analysis" branch in the analysis type tree.  When run, it will automatically start collection on the MIC board.

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