Zoom snaps to top screen on ScrollViewer with RichTextColumns

Zoom snaps to top screen on ScrollViewer with RichTextColumns

I'm facing a strange problem with ScrollViewer component in my Windows Store App. It has inside aRichTextColumns which displays text in columns that can be scrolled horizontally.

I enabled zooming with the attribute ZoomMode="Enabled", but when I release my fingers when zooming (to stop the action), the scroll goes smoothly to the top (therefore, if I want to zoom the bottom of a column of text, the app automatically moves to the top and I can't see the desired text).

At first, I thought it was a problem with snapping points, but settingVerticalSnapPointsType="None" and ZoomSnapPointsType="None" in the ScrollViewerattributes don't fix the issue.

This is the code (it's the same you can get creating a new project in Visual Studio using the default template called "Grid application" [Aplicación de cuadrícula in spanish]):


However, when I set the attribute VerticalScrollBarVisibility to Enabled (Auto, Hidden, etc), zoom works as expected, but the text must be shown in columns.

Am I missing something? How can I make it work with columns?

Thank you in advance.

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