Visual Studio 2013 evaluation

Visual Studio 2013 evaluation


I want to evaluate VS2013 but I do not know how to integrate the Intel Fortran Compiler (IF 2013) in it.

Any suggestions how to do it?


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1. Install Visual Studio.

2. Start Intel Fortran installation, and select installation of Visual Studio Integration.


thanks for your comment, but there is no option to integrate it with Visual Studio 2013 (!). There only checkboxes for VS 2008, 2010 and 2012.




Sorry, I overlooked "2013". According to the release notes for Intel Fortran for Windows, "... requires Microsoft Visual Studio 2012* or Visual Studio 2010* or Visual Studio 2010* Shell or Visual Studio 2008* SP1 or Visual Studio 2008* Shell with Visual Studio 2008 SP1 update applied."

Any plans when IVF will be ready for VS 2013?

You may recall that Intel compilers have waited to release support for new VS releases until after the final release is available, in part because incompatible changes are usually slipped in without warning.  I saw speculation that it wouldn't be stabilized for a year.  It might also lead to having to drop VS2008 support, but VS2008 seems still to be popular.

I don't see from the ads what VS2013 could offer specifically for Fortran.   I could imagine a significant load of development and testing to make both ICL and ifort compatible. 

Tim is correct - we don't provide support for new VS versions until their product release, as Microsoft often makes incompatible changes during their beta. We will support VS2013 as soon as we can after its product release - we are evaluating it.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

Hi Steve,

I understand that changes to the interface are annoying, but maybe Intel should also consider the benefits from an early integration into the VS-preview such as feedback from developers on the quality of the integration. I'm sorry, but at this point I have to mention some of the still existing drawbacks/bugs of the IF2013 - VS2012 integration:

- debugging of large projects (mixed MSVC, IF) with a lot of COMMON-Data in scope is awful slow (several seconds per single debug-step)

- specifying conditions on breakpoints (in the FORTRAN-code) simply crashes the VS

- syntax highlightning always asumes 72-column mode for Fixed-Form-files (ignores /extended_source:132)

- parallel-compilation within a IF project is not working

Wouldn't it be much better for Intel to get early feedback on those issues?



Some of the problems you list I am not familiar with (and I use these features myself) - have you reported them? If schedules work out, we do add support for beta VS versions in our own beta versions - we did this for VS2012. But Microsoft kept VS2013 "close to its chest" and we did not have access to it soon enough to do so. Please be assured that we will support VS2013 as soon as we can.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

Hi Steve,

good to hear that you are on the topic.

I have posted the following problems, but to the first a got a answer that helps for beginner-errors, and the second thread eventually switched to a discussion about symbol-files.

- VS 2012 Editor: extended source-switch ignored, Wed, 05/08/2013 - 01:23

- VS2012: debugging very slow, stack and symbols missing

all the problems mentioned still exist.

Maybe it's my configuration:

HP-Blade with 2 Xeon E5-2690, 64GB RAM, Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise (64-bit), English-Version

VS2012 with IF2013 integration (I only use the Fortran-compiler from Intel, all C/C++ sources are compiled with MSVC)

My solution contains > 100 projects about 50% IF (static libs and dlls) and 50% MSVC-C++ libs, dlls and exe.

The largest Fortran-project has about 300 files (all single modules, ext-source 132) that builds a static library which is linked (with the MS-linker) to a MSVC-C++ project and results in a dll (which is loaded on startup into a quite large MSVC-C++ executable)

PS: I just tested the extended-sourec-switch and it seems that the problem only arises when there are multiple projects in the solution. I added a screen-shot: both IF-projects (Console2 and Lib1) have /extend_source:132 set but only "Source1.for" (from Console2) is shown correctly (just to be clear: compilation with /extend_source:132 always works, it's just the display that's sometimes wrong)


Downloadimage/png vs2012.png82.04 KB

Tobias, please start a separate thread for each issue and attach a zip of an example project/solution that shows the problem. I'll also point out that adding support for VS2013 doesn't help issues you describe.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

I started two new threads:

Debugging-Watch: evaluation of expressions not working

VS 2012 Editor: extended source-switch ignored - revisited


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