Hotspots in libm/libc with no associated symbols

Hotspots in libm/libc with no associated symbols

I'm using VTune Amplifier XE on linux and there are entries in the hotspot function list that are just "" and "" without any symbol name and with "0" in the start address field.  It's showing other symbols for these libraries like "exp" and "memcmp" so it's not like the symbol table is missing.  The entry accounts for the majority of my program's runtime and I'd like to find out what function call it's associated with.

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First at all, make sure if your has symbol info - use "nm -a binary". Please check if there are start address for your interest of function. I don't know why it can showed "memcmp" and "exp" if there is no symbol info. It should use "[module-name]" instead of hot function names.

If you have multiple versions of libm-2.17, you should specify the path (which was really called in data collection) to do finalize - after data collecting, such as:

Using “amplxe-cl -finalize --search-dir sym:rp=new-dir-libm-2.17 -r result-dir”, for example.

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